12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 1

12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 1

Day 1 Advent Festive Flavours Grounded Pleasures Cinnamon

On the very first day of our 12 day Advent Gift Box we present to you, Grounded Pleasures - Cinnamon Spiced Drinking Chocolate.

We were introduced to the original version of this delightful beverage in a gift from a close friend, years before Local Pantry Co was up and running. It was devoured within weeks and the hunt was on to secure another bag (yes, our fixation with Grounded Pleasures pre-dates their gorgeous foil finished boxes you see today). 

We got five quick minutes with drinking chocolate master Craig, and picked his brain, have a read below.

How did  Grounded Pleasures come to be - what was your lightbulb moment in diving into food production?

After years of working in cafes and specialising in great single-origin coffees, I just got sick of trying chocolate mixes that were just blah. I knew there were amazing Origin cocoas out there and after much searching and tasting hundreds of medicore chocolates an amazing Ghanaian cocoa arrived it was a revelation. It had complexity, depth, an amazing dried cherry fruit flavour and an aftertaste that echoed for an age. Since then many other delightfully different origins have been added. Finding out that great chocolate is the perfect vehicle for other flavours has been an epiphany. The key to blending any flavours and life itself is balance.
Your personal favourite item from the range (can we ask that - or is that like choosing a favourite child?)
I know everyone has their favourites, however, my palette yearns for our Sicilian Orange Drinking Chocolate. We blend our delightful Ghanaian cocoa with the world's most complex and ethereal orange oil. It's from this captivating ancient island made by a small family company from their heirloom citrus groves. This makes for a chocolate orange that is simply sublime, you can taste the romance. 
Your favourite childhood food memory
Hot chocolate of course. Touring around Spain when I was seven with my family, having Breakfast every morning with hot thick chocolate with cinnamon-dusted churros doughnuts as dunking sticks.
Your favourite brand from our range that's not yours
Melbourne Bush Foods as I am always intrigued by new flavours and adventures, especially with so much history from the oldest surviving food culture in the world.
If a million dollars landed in your lap tomorrow, which food project would you fast-track next?
Put it toward the end of poverty of all kinds.
What is your ideal 3 ingredient mystery box?
Raspberries, truffles, chocolate and if I could sneak another one in Fromage. No real mystery at all really.
Quick Fire - This or That:
Tea or Coffee - Coffee
Cheese or Chocolate - Chocolate
Pineapple on a pizza? - Yes in life fewer rules the better, especially when it comes to food.
Coriander lover or hater? - Yes
Truffles, yay or nay? - YAY (see above)

Grounded Pleasures Cinnamon IcyPoles

Christmas Cinnamon Spiced Icy Poles

I've always said that our spiced drinking chocolate tastes just like Christmas. If Christmas is a hot one this year or not these will go down a treat regardless.



In a medium saucepan place all ingredients except the white chocolate. Gently whisk over a low to medium heat until the chocolate and sugar has dissolved and the mixture has warmed. Remove from the heat and allow to cool.

Pour the chocolate mixture into an icy pole mould that has the capacity for 10 icy poles (approximately 70 ml each). Leave a little room at the top of each, as the Chocolate mixture will expand a little as it freezes and the icy pole still will also make the mixture rise a little.

If your mould has a cover, place it on and stick one food safe wooden icy pole stick into each. If your mould doesn't have a cover, you can hold the sticks in place by covering the top with plastic wrap or similar. Place in the freezer and leave overnight to completely freeze.

Once frozen leave the mould out of the freezer for a few minutes, then the chocolate icy poles can be removed as you want to eat them, or they can all be removed and wrapped in plastic wrap or similar and put back into the freezer so you don't have the ice pole mould taking up freezer space.

If desired, once you want to eat the cinnamon-spiced chocolate icy poles melt the white chocolate either in the microwave or over a double boiler on the stove and drizzle some of the melted white chocolate over each icy pole. This can be done using a piping bag or drizzling the chocolate over with a spoon or similar.


To read more about our Tasting day with Grounded pleasures you can head to this article here.

To shop the rest of he Grounded Pleasures range, click here. 


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