12 Days of Australian Foodie Christmas - Day 10

12 Days of Australian Foodie Christmas - Day 10

12 Days Festive Flavours Day 10 Organics For Lily

On the tenth day of our festive flavours count down it is time for a refresh, with Organics For Lily Rebalance Me Tea. 

We first found Organics for Lily in the back corner of a trade show - and were drawn in by the test tubes and kraft board packaging set beside tastings brewing in glass teapots. This was at LEAST seven years ago, I guess this tells you something about the power of a first impression. They've been a feature of our range ever since, and we've had nothing but rave reviews from repeat customers thanking us for stocking the range, most notably with the Sleepy me and Knock me out brews. 

Organics for Lily was founded by Melissa, a busy mum of two decided to combine her love of tea with her background in Naturopathy, and created a range of therapeutic loose leaf herbal teas to promote health, wellness & balance. Thier blends offer an alternative, more natural solution to your health needs.
Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on traditional evidence and scientific research to ensure maximum therapeutic benefit as well as tasting great! All our blends are 100% organic, and have been created, tried and tested by Melissa! Changing the health of the world, one cup of tea at time. 
For a refreshing and delicious crowd pleasing Iced tea - the receipe below makes a whoping 5 Litres and will be sure to add some colour to your beverage station at your next family gathering or event. 

Iced rebalance tea:

Brew 50g tea for 20 mins.  
Transfer to drink dispenser and allow to cool
Top up with cold water to make 5 litres
Add fresh strawberries or raspberries and 4 mint leaves
Add some ice and enjoy
Organics For Lily - Day 10 - Reblance Me Iced Tea Recipe
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