12 Days of Australian Foodie Christmas - Day 11

12 Days of Australian Foodie Christmas - Day 11

12 Days Festive Flavours Advent - Tumami by Alice

On the eleventh day of our Festive Flavours advent box you will find the tiny but mighty Tumami by Alice.

Made with Australian tomatoes and black garlic (see day 6!) Tumami is the spread for everything. Use it on toast, under eggs or cheese, or both. Just a teaspoon added to savoury dishes, Tumami will become your latest secret weapon in the kitchen. 

The ultimate serving suggestion for Tumami if you're feeding a crowd this Summer is in a Cheesy pull appart or savoury scrolls. So crack our your favourite bread dough and get smearing! 

Alice is one of Melbournes MasterChef graduates, but you're more likely to have come across her in recent times on ABC radio national, or cooking up a storm for  News Breakfast.

You can find Tumami on our website here. 

And copies of Alice's recipe books here. 


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