12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 12

12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 12

Bramble and Hedge Banner 12th Day Christmas

On the final day of our advent calendar countdown, a sweet treat to finish, Bramble and Hedge Raspberry white chocolate Nougat. Bramble and Hedge have been a feature of our range, and while at first we thought they looked too good to eat, we then discovered just how delicious it all is... 

Buzzing bees, bright flowers turned towards the sun, and enjoyment of her grandfather’s company. The scent of roses, sugar on the fingertips, and the symphony of foreign languages in her ears.

These are the memories that Hayley carried with her into her small Melbourne kitchen in 2009 after concluding a fabulous career as a private chef in exotic international locations. Combining her beloved memories of her grandfather’s flower garden and traditional confectionary making in the Al-Hamidiyah Souk in Damascus, Hayley set about creating products that delight both the taste buds and eyes in equal portions.

Bramble and Hesge Banner

Bramble & Hedge started with the humble nougat bar, and slowly expanded with more and more flavour combinations. It wasn’t too long before they spread their wings and launched into honeycomb, peanut brittle and chocolate. Each range is created in small batches, using the ancient art of confectionary making and only the best ingredients. Decorated by hand with great attention to detail, the confectionary is topped with dried fruits and flowers sourced from the finest growers locally and across the globe.

Beginning with the Classic Range, followed by finding their footing in a Vegan Range, before climbing further into Nougat Cakes, and Nougattini, Bramble & Hedge are always up to developing some sort of delectable confectionary magic. Their most recent development has been the release of an Alcohol Range, partnering with a number of exquisite French, Scottish & Jamaican alcohol brands; the team at Bramble & Hedge make sure that the innovation and quality of their products continues to evolve to bring you the most stunning and moorish treats known to man or woman!

Bramble and Hedge 12 Days Day 12

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