12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 2

12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 2

On the second day there was Sticky Balsamic Pomegranate Pearls. 

Oysters are a fantastic addition to your Summer spreads - and these little pearls are the quickest way to lift them to the next level. All you will need: 

Just spoon three to four pearls in to each Oyster before serving - as always a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice never goes astray. 

12 Days of Festive Flavours Sticky Balsamic Pearls with Oysters

We had a quick chat to Dee from Sticky Balsamic to get to know them a little bit better. 

How did  Sticky Balsamic come to be - what was your lightbulb moment in diving into food production?
Sticky Balsamic was created by our chef when he was out of hospitality, looking for that next challenge. We made five varieties and skipped happily along to the Lorne Easter Kindergarten Market about 8 years ago, and the response was amazing. It was then that we knew we were on to something and decided to just go for it!
Your personal favourite item from the range (can we ask that - or is that like choosing a favourite child?)
​There are so many favourites! We're lucky as we enjoy them with pretty much every meal as they are so flexible.
Your favourite way to use or eat Sticky Balsamic Pearls.
​As a beautiful and tasty garnish - the pop of flavour as it bursts in your mouth is really exciting and brings food to a whole new level! 
If a million dollars landed in your lap tomorrow, which food project would you fast track next. 
We have several new product ideas buzzing in the background so we'd fast track those (sorry we can't divulge information right now)
Who is your foodie hero?
Everyone who has survived COVID and these new economic times.
Quick Fire - This or That:
Tea or Coffee - Tea for me, Coffee for the chef
Cheese or Chocolate - Both, just at different times 
Pineapple on a pizza? - this is where it belongs!
Coriander lover or hater? - lover
Truffles, yay or nay? - yay
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