12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 6

12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 6

Day 6 Garlicious Grown - 12 Days Australian Made Festive Flavours Advent Calendar

On the 6th day, this tiny jar with a powerful punch of flavor, Garlicious Grown, Black Garlic Powder.

Garlicious® Grown has established a name in the gourmet food game for its sustainably grown and processed black garlic cloves, powders, white balsamic dressing and aioli. Founded in 2014 by Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen, the female-led, Braidwood-based company supply wholesale customers, restaurants and cafes, food production and direct-to customer retail.

Black Garlic is a fabulous super food that adds a "wow" to any dish. It is extremely versatile, full of antioxidants and tastes amazing. Spread it on your toast under eggs for breakfast or add it to your cheeseboard at your next party. Everyone will love it and no one will have garlic breath either - guaranteed!!

Here is a recipe that will be great for warm summer nights, or as an appetiser for any entertaining over the festive season. With most of the work done the night before you can just assemble these when you're ready to serve and look like you've had a professional chef working their magic in your kitchen!

Vanilla & Vodka-Cured Ocean Trout



1/2 cup rock salt 

1/2 cup brown sugar

1 Vanilla pod 

1kg Ocean Trout Filet, cut from the thick part of the whole filet, pin boned, skin on

1/4 cup vodka

To Serve

Freshly sliced ciabatta bread

Spreadable cream cheese

Sliced pickled onions

Vanilla & Vodka-cured ocean trout slices 

Garlicious Grown Black Garlic powder

Fresh dill sprigs 


1. Place the salt and brown sugar in a food processor and pulse to combine well. 

2. With a knife split the vanillaa pod lengthways. Reserve the split pod and smear the seeds over the flesh side of the trout. 

3. Place the trout in a shallow dish, skin-side down. Sprinkle with vodka and leave to cool in the fridge, covered for 1 hour. 

4. Combine the split vanilla pod with the salt and sugar mix and rub over the trout, pressing the vanilla pod into the skin. 

5. Cover the fish in cling wrap and refridgerate over night. 

6. When ready to serve, remove the trout from the salt mixture - it will be quite wet byt this stage. Wash off the remaining salt by running under cold water, then pat dry. 

7. Using a sharp knife, carve thin slices of fish on an angle discarding the skin. 

Spread a generous ammount of cream cheese over slices of ciabatta, top with cured ocean trout, pickled onion and season with black garlic powder. Top with dill sprigs.

Vanilla and Vodka Cured Ocean Trout with Black Garlic Garlicious

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