12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 7

12 Days of Australian Made Festive Flavours - Day 7

12 Days Festive Flavours - Desert Lime PowderOn the 7th day there was Melbourne Bushfood Desert Lime Powder.

We all want to make Australian Natives part of our kitchen pantry, and why not Bushfood Natives are a tasty, nutritious, and eco-friendly novelty if you can find this hard-to-find jewel. That's where Melbourne Bushfood comes to the rescue, for we have your back! We look to spread Australian Natives in every pantry across Australia and eventually the world!

When Melbourne Bushfoods CEO Hayden was studying at university, he started searching for native wattleseed for a class project. Hayden scoured all of Victoria and eventually found a tiny shop in the middle of Yarra Valley, which to his surprise, had a small bag of wattleseed. He opened it and smelled the beautiful aroma of coffee and its nutty flavour. That's when he saw an opportunity to bring something to Australia which was here all along! Just like that, Melbourne Bushfood began its journey to discovering more Australian Natives and bringing these natives to the public.

Our goal is to encourage people to pick native foods over commercial groceries, and nothing helps us reach that goal more than the versatile Dessert lime. It's the sour and flavourful treat you can add to almost anything. Putting Lemon Myrtle in shortbreads and cakes, pastries or using it to marinate chicken or a seafood linguini, the possibilities are truly endless.

For example, have a dinner party with some friends and want to provide a different taste for the evening? Desert Lime is a sour, sherbety and brightly flavoured fruit. It's a margarita pick-me-up or a sponge cake match made in heaven! You won't find anything dull with Desert Lime and added to baked goods or dessert you would find a depth of flavour that regular lime would envy.

Myrtle Martini is a beautifully-strong cocktail. Here's how we can make it:

30ml lemon myrtle liqueur Baker Williams

30ml gin with

30ml vermouth dry

100ml ice

Best served with farinaceous starchy dishes. Now add some ice to the mixing glass, then add the rest of the ingredients together and stir well. Strain into glass and garnish with desert lime peel twist and serve in a cold martini glass.

As simple as that, you have a fun fruity native cocktail to serve your friends, show off your native knowledge and give them something to talk about. For more recipes, please check out our website and Melbourne Bushfood and don't be afraid to experiment with Native foods!

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