Australian Made Advent Calendar and Stocking Fillers for your Children

Australian Made Advent Calendar and Stocking Fillers for your Children

Advent Calendar Ideas for Kids Australian Made Plastic Free

Opening an advent calendar to a new surprise everyday is lots of fun and can be such a wonderful activity in the lead up to Christmas. Filling an advent calendar with 24 different new and exciting things each year can be tough!

We've pulled together a list of some of our favourites here to help you fill your advents. Everyone's set up is different, so we've included aproximate dimensions for you here too.

Edible Treats for your Advent Calendar

Koko Black Merry Marchers - Milk Chocolate 

20g of Milk Chocolate by Koko Black, this is a sweet treat, but has a little festive twist both on the wrapper and inside. 

 Kok oBlack Merry Marcher

Koko Black Heart Pops - Milk or Dark Chocolate

A little larger in size thanks for the pop stick, these beauties are also available in Dark chocolate if you're needing a dairy free option. 

 Koko Black Heart Pop

Summer Hill Sparkles

An all natural alternative to sprinkles, the berry flavours are perfect for festive cookie decorating, and the passionfruit with spirulina gives you green for any green and red decorating needs you might have in the lead up to Christmas.  The little backing card includes star shaped stencil for your next creative activity. 

Summer Hill  Pantry Fruit Sparkles

Fluffe Floss

Not even the slightest bit healthy, but very merry and lots of fun - the flavours of Fluffe Floss are delightfully surprising. With some special edition flavours for Christmas on their way, including Gingerbread, they're a fun special treat. 


Banjo Bites - Carobs Kitchen 

Carob coated sultanas in a tiny treat bag, theses cute little guys measure aproximately 4cm x 5cm and are soft so will squeze into a slightly narrower draw if you have one. 

Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate Miniatures

We dont usually have these available for individual sale, they're reserved for gift hampers and corporate orders, but we love the idea of hot chocolate and a toasted marshmallow as part of the annual Christmas countdown tradition. We've even got a limited release of Cinnamon Spiced Drinking Chocolate just for December. 

Grounded Pleasures Minis 

Grounded Pleasures Mashmallow Miniatures

A great accompaniment to the Drinking chocolate above, or perhaps as part of your gingerbread house decorations or S'mores perhaps? There is only a couple in each box, so perfect for portion control. 

Gingerbread Folk Gingerbread Person 

These Folk are pretty tall, so you will need deep pockets or drawers to fit this one in, but they're a crowd pleaser without any dairy, eggs or artificial colours or flavours and individually wrapped to keep them fresh.

Also available in 70g Houses of mini cookies if you'd like to spread them out over the calendar and don't need them individually wrapped.

Gingerbread Folk Gingerbread Person

Non-Edible Treats for your Child's Advent

Kinfolk Pantry Eco Cutters

Just in time for a fun baking day or some festive themed playdough the cutters from Kinfolk Pantry are a really fun option. The bundles can be split up and spread over five days - and there are enough sets you could fill a whole 24 day calendar with them if you're keen to stick to a 'theme' for the year. Made from an eco resin and with no excess packaging, they're a great plastic free option too.

Most of the mini cutter sets have pieces all under 7.5cm in their longest points.

The Christmas cutters are larger, we'll add dimesnions here soon. 

Kinfolk Pantry Eco Cutter Mini Christmas Set

Buttonworks Christmas Tree Decorations 

Decorating the tree seems to happen earlier each year, but if you'd like to include it as an activity on your advent countdown, including a small tree decoration would be a lovely touch. The Animal sets are made up of 5 Australian animals or Birds, which could be broken up and spread across the calendar too. Maybe one on the day you head to the city to see the big tree, and another on the day you drop a gift at a 'wishing tree' if you're including these activities in your calendar. 


Hope this little list has helped you to fill out your calendar with treats and inspired some fun Christmas activites to spark some extra festive magic for your family this December. 


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