FAQ: How will my order arrive?

We felt that this was an FAQ that deserved it's own post, because there's a bit to it! 

There are different reasons our customers shop with us, for their own pantry supplies, to deliver specialty items to remote locations, and to send curated and custom gifts to loved ones. So naturally, there are a few different ways your order might arrive depending on how you checkout.

If you've ordered products from us as a top up to your pantry at home, your package will be wrapped for safe transport by our team. Where we can we reuse cartons from our incoming deliveries to send these items back out to you. Inside your delivery we will wrap glass items in tissue paper, kraft paper or hexwrap - all of the packaging materials we purchase are FSC certified and recycled where possible. If you ever find bubble wrap, peanuts or airpods in your delivery, it is because we've reclaimed these from incoming deliveries and given them a second use rather than sending them straight to landfill. 

If you have ordered items for delivery to someone else, but have not chosen a hamper gift wrap option, the parcel will be packaged in the same way. We are able to pop a note inside for you so that the recipient knows who to thank for their care package of deliciousness. 

 Local Pantry Co Grocery Order Packaging

If you have ordered a set hamper from our range, or created a custom hamper using the "Make me a Hamper" product in your cart, items will be packaged as a premium gift box. All hamper deliveries are packages with recycled kraft paper shredding to keep the contents safe inside the most appropriate sized hamper box. The hamper box is then gift wrapped complete with tag for your personal message. A layer of hex wrap is then added to protect the hamper in transit, before a final layer is added to the outside to keep it all together. 

Local Pantry Co Hampers step by step

If your order is a local delivery in Preston or surrounding suburbs, your delivery will be packaged in a paper bag, as it would if you shopped in store with us. If you're unlikely to be home and concerned about the weather, please arrange for a plastic tub or other suitable place for the parcel to be left out of the elements. 

We hope this helps to clarify all the different options when shopping with us. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to the team prior to placing your order. 

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