Why we love Chai Walli

Why we love Chai Walli

Here at Local Pantry Co. we’re suckers for anything local. That’s because when you talk local, you’re talking about low food miles, you’re talking about unique stories and you’re talking about the food and produce that gives our communities identity.

A steaming cup of chai

At our first market a few months ago, we had a small section of our product range on display with a sample of Chai Walli tea out for people to smell. Chai is something that isn’t just experienced when you taste it, it’s quite a brilliant thing to smell and enjoy the fragrance. With this particular blend, when people took the time to smell it, their expressions changed because they were surprised by just how rich and fragrant it was.

A cup of chai being poured

That depth of fragrance comes from 11 fresh fine quality spices which are balanced each season by the expert hand of Chai Walli. Chai Walli is the name for a female chai maker, and in this instance refers to Uppma, blending her chai in Collingwood, Melbourne. She’s the granddaughter of a doctor who specialised in spices and taught her to balance them.

A steaming cup of chai

“Spices are like musical instruments in an orchestra to me,” she says on her website of the Ayurvedic drinks. “I use their flavour notes to create the most perfect balanced chai blends.”

She also tempers the recipe according to season, giving you cooler chai flavours in summer and warmer ones in winter. We at Local Pantry Co. are currently stocking the winter blend and it is perfect for warming up after a walk out in the winter air.

A spinning cup of chai

Because the ingredients are all fresh, handmade and small batch, they come with bonus benefits like being sugar free, vegan friendly, gluten free and natural. Chai Walli also uses organic ingredients where possible.

If you’ve never experienced chai before this is a great place to start (season with honey if you’re a sweet tooth). If you’re an experience chai drinker, this brew will make your heart smile. Available in a black tea based blend, and also caffeine free. Select the images below to shop the range.


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