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Wood Duck Press Notebooks - Discontinued

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These pocket size notebooks have been handcrafted in a bespoke design and print studio nestled amongst the tall stringy bark trees that surround Daylesford,Victoria. It is here that Wood Duck Press combine passion, ink, recycled papers and vintage printing techniques to create works of art for you to enjoy.

Often technology becomes obsolete and memories fade while hand written noted recorded on ink and paper reamin to be read, appreciated and preserved for future reference. Utilise this pocket note book to record your thoughts, memories and special events. 

Wood duck Press notebooks pledge to:

  • not take 10 minutes to load
  • not require wifi to operate 
  • not crash or give you a virus
  • not require a password
  • not need upgrading
  • not require an operation manual

Made using 100% recycled paper

Designed and printed in Australia

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