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Brekkie Bundle

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The perfect bundle of breakfast goodies for a Sunday brunch at home. Honey and jam for your crumpets, peanut butter for your toast or smoothie, muesli on your favourite yoghurt with fruit and a warming chai for the soul. What more could you ask for? Packaged in recycled shredded paper to arrive safely at your home or direct to a loved one. A fantastic gift for the foodie in your family, or perhaps a little morning luxury at home for new parents. 

Wrapped in our "Fresh produce with gold' gift wrap this hamper is the complete gift, ready to go. Add a personalised note to the swing tag by leaving a comment at the checkout.


Phillippa's Pear Orange Muesli

A mix of textures and flavours, this blend boasts Phillippa’s own candied orange peels alongside dried pears and almonds. Have it with hot milk in winter to unleash the fragrance, or cool milk in summer to let your mouth uncover the flavours.

Tasmanian Honey Company - Leatherwood Honey Tin

This honey’s flavour is distinct and bold and unlike any other in the world. The flavour comes from the leatherwood trees and shrubs known for locality in Tasmania which is the dominant source of the bee’s nectar. A dark amber in colour, the honey is richly aromatic, distinctly floral and carries spicy undertones of caramel and and vanilla. This honey only comes from Tasmania, because of the native trees that give its signature flavour.

Chai Walli Chai

This signature chai blend is made with 11 fresh fine quality spices, balanced each season by the expert hands of Chai Walli. The warm and cool spices are tempered according to the season to enhance enjoyment. This blend also includes a mix of Indian black tea adding extra depth to the flavour, made in Melbourne. 

99th Monkey Salted Natural Peanut Butter 

99th Monkey Salted Natural Peanut butter is made from Australian peanuts. It has two ingredients: peanuts and salt, making it a clear choice for spread craving vegans and vegetarians. The nuts used in this spread are dry roasted to bring out their natural oils and then they are processed through a nut mill. Minimal processing and ingredients leaves you free to apply your own creativity to the butter. Use it in a stir-fry, smoothies, cookie mixture or traditionally over toast. With banana and shavings of dark chocolate.

Josh and Sue Raspberry Jam

Entire nations are founded on the idea of having a good jam on crumpets in the mornings, and raspberry is a good flavour for celebrating that rather civilised fact. The flavour is famous for being the preferred flavour of Albus Dumbledore, but is best remembered on hot crumpets or muffins with butter.

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