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The Tasmanian Honey Co. Honey Tins

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Leatherwood Honey:

This honey’s flavour is distinct and bold and unlike any other in the world. The flavour comes from the leatherwood trees and shrubs known for locality in Tasmania which is the dominant source of the bee’s nectar. A dark amber in colour, the honey is richly aromatic, distinctly floral and carries spicy undertones of caramel and and vanilla. This honey only comes from Tasmania, because of the native trees that give its signature flavour.

Christmas Bush:

Packaged beautifully in their signature tin, the Christmas Bush Honey is collected from bees which have frequented the native Bursaria spinosa. Relatively small amounts of this "special reserve" honey are produced, its flavour is best described as soft and mellow with maripan tones. 

This is a raw honey with a very fine texture. 

350g net 

**Please Note: Honey can not be shipped to addresses in Western Australia

This experienced team has been making honey since the founder, Julian, cemented his passion of honey and Tasmania in 1978. They aim to capture the wildness and wilderness of Tasmania in the flavours of their honey. Julian’s love of honey that inspired him to establish the company stemmed from a winter’s night nostalgically drinking mead.

350g net

**Please Note: Honey can not be shipped to addresses in Western Australia

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