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Koja Breakfast Toppers

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Each blend of Koja Breakfast Toppers is packed with nuts and seeds that add essentials for your body to your meal. They are loaded with important things like Zinc, Magnesium, Iron, Antioxidants, Vitamin C, Protein and good fats. Best of all, they taste amazing so adding those essentials to your diet is anything but a chore. Sprinkle over your yoghurt, cereals, porridge or mashed banana or atop a smoothie. Paleo friendly.

Available in combinations of Almond & Berry, Fig & Hazelnut, Chia Seed & Coconut.

Koja are an Australian food company founded on the idea that health and food are intertwined. Their products work for both flavour and function, helping you add deliciousness and sustenance to your diet at the same time. The ingredients are real, natural and leave no room for fillers or additives.

Small - 210g net

Large - 420g net

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