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99th Monkey - Salted Natural Peanut Butter

  • $600

99th Monkey Salted Peanut butter is made from Australian peanuts. It has two ingredients: peanuts and salt, making it a clear choice for spread craving vegans and vegetarians. The nuts used in this spread are dry roasted to bring out their natural oils and then they are processed through a nut mill. Minimal processing and ingredients leaves you free to apply your own creativity to the butter. Use it in a stir-fry, smoothies, cookie mixture or traditionally over toast. With banana and shavings of dark chocolate.

99th Monkey are a young company, founded in 2013, defining themselves with three words: Delicious. Ethical. Irrepressible. Their foods are crafted to be good for your health and for the planet, and are handmade in Melbourne with minimal processing using organic and fair trade ingredients.

300g net 

Made with 100% Australian Peanuts. No Palm Oil. 

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