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Chocoholics Stash

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 A chocolate stash fit for the fussiest of Chocoholics - includes Mother Megs Double Chocolate biscuits and your choice of flavour Grounded Pleasures Drinking Chocolate and Pana Chocolate bar. 

Everything altogether rich and decadent this mini hamper packs a punch and will delight receivers young and old. Add a personalised note to the swing tag by leaving a comment at the checkout.


Mother Meg's Double Choc Biscuits

If any decent chocoholic goes to the pantry, or to a shop shelf for that matter, and is deciding which chocolate biscuit to buy, they’re going to get the one that fits as much chocolate into those tiny morsels as they can get. Enter Mother Meg’s Double Chocolate Biscuits. Choc chips baked into a cocoa mixed batter. You could make them triple choc by dunking them into a hot chocolate. Or quadruple choc by heating them in the over and crushing them over double chocolate ice-cream. Or you could just sit in the pantry in the dark eating them so no one else knows you have them.


Grounded Pleasures - Exquisite Original 

Grounded Pleasures craft chocolate experiences from internationally sourced ingredients at their home in the regional Victorian town of Ballarat. Their products are sought after locally and internationally because of their understanding of the pure and essential ingredients that make the perfect hot chocolate.This African Red Drinking Chocolate is Gluten, Dairy and GMO Free.

Pana Chocolate Eighty

This bar is for days where you want to read T.S. Eliot, and invite Frankenstein’s Monster over for a red wine. It’s dark, mischievous, rich and so powerful it never has to say ‘do you know who I am?’ Made by hand with, obviously, a minimum of 80% cacao solids.


Grounded Pleasures - Exquisite French Mint 

Pana Chocolate Cacao and Mint

This chocolate bar is handmade with 60% raw cacao and pure essential peppermint oil. A traditional flavour pairing that has been used for many years as a palette cleanser, or an after meal treat. The fresh and rich taste of this 45g bar will capture your tastebuds, as well as clear your mind.


Grounded Pleasures - Exquisite Sicilian Orange 

Pana Chocolate Orange

Orange and cacao are a traditional flavour pairing, but Pana Chocolate don’t do anything by anyone else’s recipe. This bar combines 60% cacao with orange essential oil, but also includes tangerine essential oil for another bright citrus tone, naturally sweet and a little bit tart.

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