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Wondersnack - The Hangover

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On that morning of blissful remembering or life questioning regret, it’s a natural progression for the mind, body and soul to crave fuel to repair. This snack combines those wonderful cravings of hearty, solid savories and brown sauce with a peanut snack to raise your health bar. Flavoured with ingredients that include a salivating blend of spices, duck fat, maple syrup and Worcestershire sauce. Serve solo or with heart by adding it to Wondersnack suggestions of salad, sandwiches or decadently atop some vanilla ice-cream.

The Wondersnack company was founded with a desire to break away from the limits of the common and classic flavours of snacks in order to bring more of the limitless delicious tastes that can be experienced into everyday lives. They avoid fillers, preservatives and additives in order to let their flavours speak for themselves.

Gold Medal - Australian Food Awards - 2016

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