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Didgeridoonas Drink Coolers

  • $2699

Stubbie Holder

There are no frills or gimmicks to the Stockman’s Stubbie Holder. It’s a stubbie holder. But with its 100% Australian wool it’s still a cut above the rest.

Stubbie Swag

Roll up your drink until it’s nice and cosy and cool it for hours. Filled with 100% Australian wool, this oilskin Stubbie Swag is the perfect companion for any non-refrigerated adventures. The adjustable leather straps allow it to fit cans, stubbies, and even some drink bottles and keep cups.

Stubbie Quilt

There’s nothing quite like a quilt on a freezing day. And there’s nothing quite like a freezing stubbie on a warm day. The rugged oilskin Stubbie Quilt is filled with 100% Australian wool, so your stubbie stays nice, snug and cold for hours, even on a warm day.

Can Cooler


Wine Bottle Wrap


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