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Grounded Pleasures - Drinking Chocolate

Grounded Pleasures - Drinking Chocolate

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Grounded Pleasures craft chocolate experiences from internationally sourced ingredients at their home in the regional Victorian town of Ballarat. Their products are sought after locally and internationally because of their understanding of the pure and essential ingredients that make the perfect hot chocolate. Their products include mint oil from France, chilli from Australia and cocoa from Ghana, making drinking chocolate the way it is meant to be.

Flavours include the most popular Exquisite Original, as well as French Mint, Cinnamon Spiced, and Chilli. The texture of the drinking chocolate is velvety and smooth because of the high cocoa butter content, melting instantly in hot milk.

To complete your drinking chocolate experience, Grounded Pleasures also have the most magnificent marshmallows. You can find them here.

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