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Melbourne Bushfood Gumby Gumby Tea

Melbourne Bushfood Gumby Gumby Tea

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Gumby Gumby is a native Australian plant that has been used as a traditional natural food for thousands of years by First Nations People. Currently there has been research that indicates Gumby Gumby's healing activities, antiviral and antibacterial properties, and immune stimulating effects.

Gumby Gumby is a drought and frost tolerant plant native across many states of Australia. The name is a Parmanyungam word meaning Medicine Plant, a word which belongs to the original custodians of this traditional medicine.

Our natural Gumby Gumby is wild-harvested by hand to ensure a high quality product, that lessens environmental impact, and has no chemical use (that's no herbicides, or pesticides or anything else that is bad for you and the planet).

20g Net weight

Brew for 10-15 minutes at 100 degrees. 8 Leaves per cup.

Ingredients: Gumby Gumby Tea Loose Leaf

100% Wild Harvested by Indigenous Australians

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