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Melbourne Rooftop Honey Beeswax

Melbourne Rooftop Honey Beeswax

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Want to make your own beeswax wraps? Seal some furniture with beeswax perhaps? Make a candle? Local beeswax from Melbourne Rooftop Honey is now available in small blocks (at least 50g) and larger bullion size (at least 200g). The larger block also comes with black cotton drawstring bag to keep it between projects. 

Melbourne rooftop honey are beekeepers with a vision of bringing bees back to the city and suburbs of Melbourne. Since 2010 they have been part of the global effort to help save the bee from various threats of disease and human habitation. They place hives on the roof spaces of cafes, hotels, restaurants and in gardens around Melbourne. The local community benefits by being able to enjoy true 'local' produce - a delicious tasting honey that is unique to each site, which also helps to green the beautiful City of Melbourne. 

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