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Ogilvie and Co Black Truffle Polenta

Ogilvie & Co Black Truffle Polenta Jar

  • $1590

Made with West Australian Black Truffle, this is the perfect way to experience gourmet luxury at home. 

Simply bring 4 parts liquid (stock, water or milk) to a gentle simmer and then add one part polenta.

Whisk over a low heat for a few minutes until you achieve your desired consistency and texture. Stir through some butter or truffle oil before serving to enrich, and finish with freshly shaved parmesan.

A decadent alternative to potato or pasta, this makes a wonderful accompaniment for braises and slow cooked dishes.

You could also try refrigerating the prepared polenta until firm before cutting into thick chips and frying until golden and crisp for a luxurious treat.

300g net

 Gluten Free

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