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Pana Chocolate - Assorted flavours

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Pana Chocolate was founded in Melbourne and is made from luxurious vegan and organic ingredients with no added sugar. Their chocolate is crafted at low temperatures to ensure the exceptional ingredients are still raw to maintain their nutrients. The chocolates are gluten free, dairy free and soy free, but full of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The chocolate is smooth and rich in flavours that will surprise and indulge.


This chocolate bar is handmade with 60% raw cacao and pure essential peppermint oil. A traditional flavour pairing that has been used for many years as a palette cleanser, or an after meal treat. The fresh and rich taste of this 45g bar will capture your tastebuds, as well as clear your mind.

Coconut & Goji

This flavour capitalises on the rich, sweet and textures goji berry and its resume of vitamins and antioxidants, and pairs it with coconut for a flavour that Pana Chocolates says will take you straight to the Amazon. The three flavours of this chocolate each speak to different levels of your tastebuds at once. A culinary conversation you’ll want to savour.


Orange and cacao are a traditional flavour pairing, but Pana Chocolate don’t do anything by anyone else’s recipe. This bar combines 60% cacao with orange essential oil, but also includes tangerine essential oil for another bright citrus tone, naturally sweet and a little bit tart.

Cacao 80%

This bar is for days where you want to read T.S. Eliot, and invite Frankenstein’s Monster over for a red wine. It’s dark, mischievous, rich and so powerful it never has to say ‘do you know who I am?’ Made by hand with, obviously, a minimum of 80% cacao solids.

Vanilla & Sour Cherry

This trio of 60% cacao, sharp sour cherry and smooth vanilla is like good-cop/bad-cop for your tastebuds. Crafted to get your opening your mouth for more, and wanting to keep secrets from your loved ones such as ‘there is a bar of this in the house, but I’m not telling you where it is’.

Fig & Wild Orange

Instead of the usual blend, this bar calls for a bolder cacao percentage of 70%. It carries a citrus statement thanks to an inclusion of orange essential oils, but it’s also packing a healthy proportion of real figs. Dark and fruity.

Pineapple & Ginger

Well it's basically a cocktail in a chocolate bar! what more could you ask for really? 

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