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Koala - Thames & Hudson

Koala - Thames & Hudson

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A beautifully illustrated book featuring the iconic Australian koala.

The koala is the first animal many of us name when asked about Australian wildlife and a symbol of Australia’s national identity akin to the bald-headed eagle’s status in the US. Koala is a contemporary celebration of the koala featuring over 50 illustrated interpretations of this adored creature. A small and compact gift book – perfect for your carry-on – we have searched from Brisbane to Berlin, and Lithuania to New York for the most interesting, cute, and often touching, interpretations of koalas.

With the support of the Australian Koala Foundation, this book hopes to bring to light that we can all play a part in protecting the native environment of the koala and that koalas are not just cute and cuddly creatures you can see at the zoo, but important cultural icons that need our help.

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