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Shorthive Honey Gift Pack

Shorthive Honey Gift Pack

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Can’t decide between the three flavours? Then The Short Pack is a perfect choice. You’ll get to try our original flavours with these 125g bottles.

125g Salted Honey
125g Espresso Honey
125g Chilli Honey

Comes beautifully packaged in Shorthive's signature branded calico bag

Shorthive never use extracts or essences to infuse their honey - only real, quality ingredients.
Made in short batches to ensure flavour consistency.
Infused for 14 days. 

Handy squeeze pack with a flat lid so you can easily enjoy every last bit.

Honey cannot be shipped to Western Australia or New Zealand. Orders of honey to these destinations will have the honey products removed and refunded before shipment of the order. 
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